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Kentucky's Monroe County Alliance for Inhalant Prevention
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What about helium in balloons…or fruit flavored markers? Are those inhalants?

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No, helium is NOT considered an inhalant because it is an inert gas that does not cause intoxication.

BUT most people do not know that helium can be dangerous, even fatal. The pressure of the helium coming out of a helium tank can cause a person’s lungs to burst. Even the pressure from a balloon can cause a bubble of helium to go into a person’s bloodstream, causing a dangerous, painful condition called the “bends.”

Fruit-scented markers are usually NOT considered inhalants if they are water-based. BUT fruit-flavored markers unintentionally teach children a risky behavior – sniffing an unknown substance into their bodies.

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Parents can affect their children's decisions.  We need to teach children not to put poisons in their bodies – in any way: by swallowing, by inhaling or through the skin.

The first prevention message you give your child should be: "Be careful about what goes into your body."
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