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Kentucky's Monroe County Alliance for Inhalant Prevention
Quiz Question: Throughout this training you will see quiz questions that you can answer Quiz Question For Adults Only

A Message to Parents and Guardians:
Why This Web Site is for Adults Only

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Congratulations on being proactive in protecting your family!

A word of warning: When parents and guardians start to learn about the dangers of inhaling in-home products, they may want their child/teen to see this website, too.
This is not a good idea.

There is information in this web site that we do not want children to have. It is important for you to know what products can be abused to help protect your family. This detailed information is not what we teach to our children. We should avoid telling them which products may be misused and how they are abused.

As you will learn, we can help prevent inhalant abuse by sending frequent messages about product safety:

  • Model safe use: Read and follow product directions;
  • Follow safety precautions;
  • Use products only for their intended purposes;
  • Minimize the purchase of aerosol and/or other products that can be inhaled;
  • Choose safer products;
  • Store products in safer locations, or lock them up.

By completing this training, you are taking a crucial first step toward safeguarding your family from the brain damage and other problems that inhalant abuse can cause.

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